Procore's Correspondence Tool

From general correspondence to contractual correspondence, manage it all with Procore

Healthy documentation of correspondence is paramount to the success of construction projects of all sizes.

Research shows that a large percentage of construction disputes stem from communication failures, the risk of which can be largely mitigated through the implementation of a centralised Correspondence Management System such as the one you have access to on the Procore platform.


Correspondence Setup Packages

Get immediate value from the Correspondence Tool using a Certified Procore Consultant


5 x Correspondence Types
5 x Permission Template Updates
1 x Project Templates Update
1 x Live Procore Project Update
2 x Custom Reports
1 x Handover Training


10 x Correspondence Types
10 x Permission Template Updates
2 x Project Templates Update
5 x Live Procore Project Update
5 x Custom Reports
1 x Custom Dashboard
1 x Handover Training
1 x Team Training


If you needs exceed our Standard and Premium Package, we would be more than happy to work with you to develop a custom package to suit your business requirements. 

In additional to the work items listed, we also offer consultative planning services, custom training video production, user engagement and much more. 

All packages include kick off consultation and configuration record handover.


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Why manage your Correspondence in Procore?

Procore's Correspondence management system consolidates and connects the entire scope of business processes on a project from design and construction through to handover, with everything easily accessible in one place.

Record a History of All Project Correspondence.
No more lost post-it notes or emails because the previous PM left the company mid-way through the project with all the communication history.

A Fully Searchable and Reportable System.
When your project correspondence is managed in Procore, it becomes instantly reportable. Surface new insights that were previously impossible or time-consuming to gather.

Complete and Granular Control Over Who Sees What
Administrators can easily set permission templates to ensure the right level of visibility for each type of communication. And our new "Permissions" tab allows you to quickly check who can see a communication, leaving out the guesswork, and the headache.

Super Privacy

The fir​st Procore tool to provide 'Super Privacy', meaning  external collaborators can create correspondance items in your account knowing it remains private from everyone. 

Turn one Correspondence into another

Things are often linked and rarely happen in isolation. Turn a NOD (Notice of Delay) Correspondence into a EOT (Extension of Time) Correspondence. 

Escalate Correspondence into other Procore Tools

Create RFIs and Change Events from Correspondence items to manage ongoing requirements. 

Pin Correspondence items to Drawings

Give your Correspondence context and increase collaboration by linking them to drawings.

Operate from Mobile (coming soon)

Create Correspondence items from iOS (Apple) and Android. No need to be in front of a computer. 


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